BLYTHECON USA 2016, San Francisco


For the first time I'll attending to a doll convention in Australia! I'm very excited about this one.

I have designed some exclusive garments and more surprises!

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'I was born the day that The Reflex by Duran Duran was number one in the Billboard in Gran Canaria, Spain. Now I live in England where I found happiness with my husband and our little boston terrier Coco.

I started sewing clothes for my doll when i was 5 years old, at the time I used to pinch small fabric pieces from my grandmother or aunties, because they were masters of crafting! 
A friend gave me a bag with a Blythe picture made by Gina Garan as birthday present in 2004, I thought it was the ugliest bag ever...4 years later I bought my first Blythe a Can Can Cat.
I can't imagine a life without sewing doll clothes and I can spend long crazy hours in front of the sewing machine. 

I'm a graduate in Fashion Design who never wanted to sell her soul to the high street. Apart from doing doll clothes I work as Field Visual Merchandiser and occasionally I collaborate with the choreograper Carlos Pons in his dance productions. 

I'm a Blythe doll collector and enjoy making clothes for them!'  

About Tamar S.S

C'mon Dolly is a fashion dolls clothes brand based in Auckland, New Zealand, created and produced (from patterns to packaging) by Tamar S.S. 

Each item is handmade with high quality trims and fabrics. I like to collect different fabrics from my travels, sometimes I can keep then for years before cutting anything from it!

I always test our fabrics to avoid body stains.

Each collection is made with original patterns and inspired in vintage feelings, nature and sometimes a little bit of rock and roll!  

About C'mon DOlly

Copyright Tamar Sierra. All rights reserved.



Once more I'll be attending to the Blythecon UK, this time in one of  my favourite cities! I'll be bringing some exclusive garments, don't miss out! 

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Up-COming events 

C'mon Dolly

Fashion Dolls Couture

It will take place on Sunday, 24 July, 2016  

​You can find more information and purchase tickets here