Once upon a time there was a little piece of fabric...

When people ask me how long i had been doing doll clothes...I quickly reply: Always!

I was a five years old little girl in the forever sunny Gran Canaria when my grandmother teach me how to use her old singer sewing machine. I couldn't arrive to the feet so i had to used the wheel on the side. That was my favourite thing in the world! Dress up my dolls!
I always wanted to be a fashion designer, and after few other adventures that's what I did!
I studied in the Gran Canaria school of Arts and later on Felicidad Duce in Barcelona. But I never felt like designing for any body else or having a big brand.

And one day...I decided to go back to my favourite thing in the whole world! Dress up my dolls! And opening an Etsy shop was just a natural step for me.

I founded C'mon Dolly just after moving to England, I found my happiness in Yorkshire.
Here everything here is so inspiring! The old buildings, the green fields, the wild nature! The vintage cup of tea, the sun in the summer, the smell of the sea! All those thing together are the soul and heart of C'mon Dolly.

Currently I lived in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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